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Traverse City parolee arrested in Leelanau County

LEELANAU COUNTY, MI – A 28-year-old Traverse City parolee is back in custody after being arrested by Leelanau County Sheriff’s deputies Tuesday morning. Leelanau County Sheriff

An Elmwood Township resident called Leelanau 911 at 1:39am to report that when he went out to warm up his vehicle before going to work, he found a man standing next to the victim’s unlocked truck with the door open. The suspect ran off and the victim discovered numerous compact discs were taken.

Deputies arrived at the scene on S Center Highway near Fouch Road and discovered a vehicle stuck along the road a short distance from the victim’s house. Investigation determined it belonged to a relative of the suspect.

They followed foot tracks in the snow north on Center Highway to another vehicle parked in a driveway. The dome light was on in the unlocked vehicle and it appeared to have been entered by the suspect but nothing was reported stolen.

Foot tracks were followed north again to another driveway where another unlocked vehicle was entered by the suspect. Nothing appeared stolen from that vehicle and the tracks led behind the home.

Investigators continued to track the suspect and got him in view a short time later. He was ordered to stop but he failed to comply. He ran east across Center Highway to another residence with 3 officers pursuing on foot. One deputy discharged his Taser in an attempt to stop the fleeing man but it missed the mark.

The suspect eventually tripped and was taken into custody. He showed signs of intoxication and evidence was found in the area to confirm alcohol possession. Investigators located stolen property from the first vehicle in the possession of the suspect and his clothing description matched the one given by the original reporting party.

The man was taken into custody and a blood test was performed at Munson Medical Center for suspicion of OWI. Charges of Resisting and Obstructing Police, Operating While Intoxicated, 3 counts of Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle <$200 and being a Habitual Offender 4th offense will be requested.

The suspect was paroled from the Michigan Department of Corrections in June 2014 after serving 8 1/2 years on multiple charges out of Oakland County. They included Unarmed Robbery, 2nd Degree Home Invasion, Receiving and Concealing Firearms, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon and 2 Felony Firearm possession convictions.

Although no bond has been set yet, the parolee is being held on an MDOC detainer pending action by the parole board.

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