Battle Creek’s Coburn Elementary put in Lock Down over Argument

BATTLE CREEK, MI – At approx. 4:30 p.m. on January 16th, 2015 Battle Creek Police stopped a speeding vehicle near the area of Cliff Street and Nelson Street. Coburn Elementary

The driver informed the officer she received a phone call from her daughter stating a male subject threatened her and her friends with a gun and that they were currently at Coburn Elementary school.

This information was immediately given to Coburn staff who put the school in lockdown. Officers arrived at Coburn and assisted in checking the property but located nothing to support this information.

Further investigation revealed there was a confrontation between middle school aged females and their parents and grandparents at McCrea park located adjacent to Coburn Elementary. All individuals engaged in the argument were eventually located and questioned.

There was no weapon located and no additional information to support a weapon was involved. The teenage girls were not students of Coburn Elementary.

No injuries were involved either at the scene of the argument or at Coburn Elementary.

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