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Shooting on Detroit’s westside leaves 2 Dead, 1 injured

DETROIT, MI – Authorities are investigating a shooting that occurred in the 12000 block of Coyle near Castleton around 9:30pm on Detroit’s westside on January 25th, 2015.murder chalk outline

Two people are dead and another injured.  Detroit Police found one male and one female dead inside a house that is believed to have been used as an illegal gambling operation Another female is currently in surgery at Sinai-Grace Hospital.

The shooting happened at a house that police have been to before near Plymouth and Greenfield.  The house was raided a couple of months ago.

Police are working on the assumption that a gambling operation was taking place inside of the house.  Authorities believe that it is possible that the shooter may have fled with any cash that was inside of the illegal operation.

The surviving victim made her way to a McDonalds located near the scene where she was then transported to Sinai-Grace Hospital.  That person at last check was in critical condition.

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