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Kent County Sheriff Department warns on Door to Door Sales

WYOMING, MI – The Kent County Sheriff Department has recently taken a handful of reports about vacuum cleaner salespeople that are extremely aggressive and pushy. Wyoming

Lately they have walked into people’s houses without permission and will not leave even after being asked numerous times.

In one instance, when the homeowner did not answer the door right away, he found one of the salespeople in his garage and two other salesmen on the side of his house.

Door to door sales are legal in the City of Wyoming when the business is complying with our ordinance, which is posted below. This is a common method used by many businesses and more often than not, the salesperson and the business they represent have no bad intentions. Unfortunately in some circumstances, while a business and their door-to-door sales methods may be legitimate, the salesperson’s tactics and intentions may not be.

The Wyoming City Ordinance states the following about peddlers (Article XI, Sec. 14-677 to Sec. 14-680):
–A peddler or peddling means any person who travels by any means from place to place or house to house selling, offering to sell, taking or soliciting orders, for any magazines, goods, wares, merchandise, food or food products.
–No person shall operate as a peddler in such a manner as to constitute a nuisance or as to violate any existing statute, code, rule or regulation. Violation of such provisions shall be cause for revocation of any license issued.
–No person shall be a peddler without having first obtained a LICENSE as provided for in this article.
–The provisions of this article shall not apply to any person who is under the age of 18, or any person who is peddling for any school, charitable or religious organization.
–While engaged in the business of peddling, the license shall be carried on the person and, when required, shall be displayed to any police officer, employee of the city or the person with whom the peddler is dealing.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, call the Wyoming Department of Public Safety’s non-emergency number at 530-7300.

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