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Huron and Lapeer counties slated to receive Transportation Economic Development Fund grants

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is awarding state transportation economic development grants that will support 135 new jobs in Huron and Lapeer counties.MDOT

The Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) Category A grant totaling $873,199 will leverage $5,020,000 in private investment, at a private/public investment ratio of approximately 5-to-1.

Lapeer County

Lapeer Plating and Plastics is a supplier of decorative and chrome-plated plastic parts for the automotive industry. To meet increased demand, the company plans to invest $4.5 million in new molding equipment at its facility on DeMille Road in Lapeer, adding 92 new full-time jobs over the next three years.

Albar Industries supplies plastic and metal painted parts for the automotive industry. The company is investing $520,000 in new machinery and equipment at its facility on Whitney Drive in Lapeer, resulting in 33 new full-time positions over the next two years.

DeMille Road and Whitney Drive are both in poor condition and are expected to further deteriorate with the increase in traffic due to the companies’ planned expansion. The City of Lapeer plans to resurface DeMille Road from McCormick Drive to Saginaw Street, and Whitney Drive from DeMille Road to the cul-de-sac at the north end of the drive.

Total estimated cost for these projects is $1,218,382, including $873,199 in state TEDF funds. The City of Lapeer is contributing $140,619 in matching funds, plus an additional $204,564 for project-related work.

Huron County

Valley Enterprises specializes in the design, development, and production of automotive interior trim components and assemblies. The company is investing $125,000 in a new driveway specifically for freight traffic at its Bingham Township facility, located on Leppek Road in Huron County. The new driveway will allow the company to streamline logistics and improve the safety of employees and visitors. As part of this logistical streamlining, Valley Enterprises will be adding 10 new full-time positions.

Valley Enterprises’ main freight route is M-19 via Leppek Road, which is currently an all-season route only from the company’s existing driveway to M-19. The section of Leppek Road between the existing driveway and the proposed location of the new driveway is not all-season and subject to seasonal weight restrictions. In addition, the surface of Leppek Road has deteriorated and is in poor condition. To assure continued access and to enable full truck loads during seasonal restrictions, the Huron County Road Commission will resurface Leppek Road from M-19 to the culvert over the north branch of the Cass River.

Total cost of this project is $126,106, including $100,885 in state TEDF funds, $19,221 from Bingham Township, and $6,000 from the Huron County Road Commission.

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