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Lawsuit filed to Permanently Dissolve The Mandatory Poster Agency, Inc. of Lansing

LANSING, MI – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today filed a lawsuit to permanently dissolve The Mandatory Poster Agency, Inc. of Lansing, Michigan and enjoin its principals, brothers Thomas Fata, Steven Fata, and Joseph Fata, based on allegations they engaged in unlawful conduct meant to deceive businesses. Justice

The lawsuit alleges the Fata brothers have been sending misleading and deceptive mailings to businesses in Michigan and across the country since 1999.

The complaint alleges the defendants used the name “Corporate Records Service” to send mailings that were designed to look like “official” governmental forms that businesses had to fill out in order to comply with corporate filing requirements.  Schuette received hundreds of complaints about the company and these mailings.

“Our friends and neighbors who live out the dream of running their own business work hard every day,” Schuette said.  “I will not tolerate companies that seek to take advantage of Michigan citizens and get rich on the backs of hard-working entrepreneurs through trickery and deception.”

The complaint alleges the Fata brothers targeted small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity groups with their deceptive mailings.

In addition, the lawsuit outlines the previous times the Attorney General has had to take action against the defendants.  In 2001, the defendants signed an Assurance of Discontinuance which limited their ability to send out misleading solicitations to businesses.

In 2007, the defendants were parties to a court Order that prohibited them from sending out misleading solicitations for hand washing posters.  As outlined in the lawsuit, Schuette alleges that the defendants violated both of these prior agreements.

Schuette’s charges allege that the Fata brothers continually change the content of their solicitation following each interaction with a regulatory body, but ultimately have not changed their conduct and continue to willfully operate in an unlawful manner in Michigan and several other states.

“Our goal here is to prevent businesses in Michigan and around the country from being misled and deceived by improper business practices,” said Schuette.

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