Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan continues to WOW his critics

DETROIT, MI – No script.  No teleprompters. Just a rousing speech from the man who knows whats going on in Detroit.  Mayor Mike Duggan.Mayor Mike Duggan

As reporter Mara McDonald from WDIV so well put it  ‘It was a barn burner of a speech’.

The lights are coming back on in the city.  Police, fire and EMS times dramatically reduced.  New buses being put on the streets.  New recruits for all areas of emergency responders being trained.  New technology being implemented.  And the list goes on.

Mayor Mike Duggan is exactly what Detroit has needed and wanted for a very long time.  It is undeniable.

His speech lasted 58 minutes and he did not miss a beat.  Duggan started his speech out with looking at the audience and saying ‘One year down and your still glad to see me’.  Yes Mr. Mayor, we are glad to see you.

He thanked both Republicans and Democrats who have assisted him in initiatives that will continue to help Detroit get its footing back from bankruptcy.

There were several times that he received standing ovations during his speech.  Mayor Mike Duggan is receiving high marks and praise for the direction that Detroit is taking.  For the first time since 2002 Detroit is working with a balanced budget.  Expenses are down and revenue is up.

He also acknowledged that there is much work to be done.  He knows the road that lay before him is not one that will be easy.  However, he is definitely up for the challenge.

One major piece to his speech was a new webpage that he touted.  Detroit Opportunites.  The site has a great deal to offer about what is going on and available in Detroit.

Even Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson quipped that he might have to sell his house and move back to Rosedale Park after Duggan finished his speech.

You can see Mayor Duggan’s entire speech here.