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Leelanau County Lost Pug is located after 5 days missing

LEELANAU COUNTY, MI – Leelanau County Animal Control received a report of a missing Pug named Chubbs in the Lake Leelanau area on Thursday, February 5th, 2015. Chubbs

Animal Control Deputy Wayne Kalchik contacted dog owner K.J. Hawkings and who initially believed that paw tracks in the snow indicated Chubbs had been picked up by a passing motorist. Further checking in the area found that was most likely not the case.

Kalchik combed the neighborhood looking for the dog without success. Dispatch was given the description of the missing dog in case someone located him. Local veterinarians and Cherryland Humane Society were checked without success. All remained confident that Chubbs would return home safely.

Days passed and there was no sign of the missing pet. Finally on Tuesday, February 10, a homeowner who lived west of Lake Leelanau called Leelanau dispatch to report that there was a black Pug under their deck. ACD Kalchik responded, and with the help of the homeowner, was able to remove a timid Chubbs from under the deck. Collar tags confirmed it was the missing pooch and other than a slight limp in a front leg, he seemed to be in good condition.

Chubbs was returned to Ms. Hawkings and needless to say, the reunion was a joyous one. It is unknown where Chubbs was during his 5 day adventure and time will tell if he wanders off again.

Animal Control reminds all pet owners to always accompany their pets on a lead when out of the home if they can’t be restrained with a tie out, cable run or invisible restraint collar system or contained in a fenced in area. There are many dangers when a pet wanders off such as traffic, wild animals and exposure to winter weather. Luckily it was a happy ending for Chubbs!

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