New International Trade Crossing Bridge Customs Plaza Agreement Made

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LANSING, MI – An agreement has been reached between Canada and the United States concerning the customs plazas that had been holding up the final piece to getting the bridge built.New International Trade Crossing Bridge

Under the agreement, the public-private partnership in Canada will pay for the construction of customs plazas on both the American and Canadian sides of the bridge, and the U.S. will pay to staff, operate and maintain the customs plaza in Detroit.

The construction of the New International Trade Crossing will connect Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.  The new bridge will be in direct competition to the Ambassador Bridge that is owned by Matty Mouron.  The Ambassador Bridge is the only private ownership of a border crossing between the United States and Canada.  Moroun bought the bridge from the Bower Family in 1979. He had fought for a very long time to stop the new bridge from being built.

“I’m appreciative of the work of our partners in Congress and in the Canadian government to ensure that the New International Trade Crossing – important to both of our countries – continues to move forward,” Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said. “I will continue to encourage the U.S. government to provide the necessary resources to fund U.S. customs facilities at the NITC project and the Blue Water bridge in Port Huron.”

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