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Genesee County Prosecutor gets Flint’s Home Town Inn Closed Down

FLINT, MI – For anyone who has ever stayed in the vicinity of the Home Town Inn located at G3277 Miller Road in Flint, it was no secret that questionable activity was taking place on that property.Home Town Inn Flint MI

The Genesee County Prosecutor is determined to clean that area up from all of the alleged repeated drug trafficking, prostitution and armed violence taking place at this motel.

The motel is located near the intersection of I-75 and Miller Road.  It has easy access from four different directions.  At all times of the day and night questionable characters could be seen coming and going.  This writer has witnessed it up close and personal.  The activity was fascinating and frightening to watch especially during the summer months.

Stopping at the Admiral Gas Station located next door to the motel to fuel up your car could be somewhat dicey at times.  It was not uncommon for some who were residing at the motel to be inside of the store or standing outside asking for money or cigarettes.  Those who were positioned on the sides of the building were the ones to really watch out for.  That is not to say that all were bad that stayed there.  But there was a high enough percentage that would make one pay attention.

On Friday, January 23rd, 2015, a Flint Township Police Officer was shot during a traffic stop in the parking lot of the Home Town Inn.  That seems to have been the tipping point for Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

During the traffic stop, a scuffle broke out between the driver and the officer.

The driver of the stopped vehicle pulled out a gun, firing multiple shots at the officer, striking him. The officer then called for backup. Both the officer and backup officers returned fire hitting the driver.  They each survived their injuries.

The Hometown Inn has become a cause for concern with over 40 incidents reported to police in recent months.  The Genesee County Prosecutor filed a complaint with the court seeking to shut down the business.  Genesee District Judge David Goggins issued a temporary restraining order Thursday, February 26th, 2015 against The Hometown Inn.

Effectively the business can no longer operate.  The order prevents the hotel from taking in new lodgers or extending the stay of current residents until the court has the opportunity to rule on the complaint.

Flint Township Police will step up patrols in the area.  Authorities will have to watch for those who were staying at the Home Town Inn property that they do not migrate to the Red Roof Inn or the Super 8 Motel which are located directly across the street.

The most vulnerable of the two properties would seem to be the Red Roof Inn.  Much like the Home Town Inn, the Red Roof Inn has direct access from the parking lot to all of the rooms.  This appears to be an element to a great deal of the different types of crimes and problems occurring on that property.

The next court hearing concerning this issue is March 9th, 2015.

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