I-94 Sprinkle Road construction update

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KALAMAZOO, MI – Reconstruction of the Sprinkle Road bridge and interchange at I-94 will start Monday, March 16th, 2015. Road Construction

Updates will be sent out regularly to help keep everyone informed of lane, ramp and bridge closures, as well as construction staging and progress.

What work is taking place now?

–       Barrels and barricades are arriving in preparation of closing Sprinkle Road lanes and ramps Monday.

–       Utility relocation is underway.

–       Tree removal is underway.

What work is taking place in the next week?

–       Ramp closures at the I-94 Sprinkle Road interchange.

–       The ramps will be removed. Grading will start for the new ramps.

–       The construction of the new Sprinkle Rd Bridge will start.

The following closures apply to Sprinkle Road ramps and Cork Street as indicated (weather dependent).

–       EB I-94 ramp to NB Sprinkle Road

–       EB I-94 ramp to Southbound Sprinkle Road

–       WB I-94 ramp to Cork Street/Sprinkle Road

–       NB Sprinkle Road ramp to EB I-94

–       NB Sprinkle Road ramp to WB I-94

–       SB Sprinkle Road ramp to WB I-94

–       Cork Street bridge over I-94

–       Sprinkle Road lane closures between Cork Street and Midlink Drive. One lane will remain open in each direction.

The following lane closures apply to I-94 (weather dependent).

–       Nightly lane closures and shoulder closures on EB and WB I-94

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