Ongoing and New Business Projects Around Alpena

ALPENA, MI – There are various projects that are underway or have yet to start in and around Alpena.  We took a moment to see what the status is with these properties.

Michigan State Housing Development Authority Executive Director Kevin Elsenheimer presented a check to Alpena for $245,000.00 to assist in blight elimination in the downtown area.  The funds will go towards the demolition of the old Alpena Power Company building at the corner of Water and 2nd Avenue.

Councilwoman Nielsen, for accepting $245,000 check from MSHDA Executive Director Kevin Elsenheimer
Councilwoman Nielsen, for accepting $245,000 check from MSHDA Executive Director Kevin Elsenheimer

This building has been vacant for years.  The state obtained the money from a 2012 National Mortgage Settlement. The award to Alpena is part of $3.8 million allocated to help 19 communities tackle blighted properties in downtown and business districts around the state.

Alpena Power will transfer ownership of the property to Target Alpena.

Only a block away from the Alpena Power Company property is the construction of the new Holiday Inn Express.

The foundations are being readied for the construction of the upper floors.  With the construction of the Holiday Inn Express taking shape and now the announcement that the old Alpena Power Company building will be coming down, that will certainly change the look of downtown Alpena.

Redevelopment of some of the store fronts in the old Alpena Shopping Center are taking shape.  Recently opened on April 1st, 2015 is Harborside Cycle and Sport.  Its nice to see that the oldest shopping center in Alpena is seeing new life.

After years of status quo, Walmart seems to be stepping up their game in revamping the isles in the Alpena store along with the complete repaving of the parking lot.  The parking lot itself was becoming a large patchwork with several potholes.

Alpena Walmart Parking LotWalmart has also installed several new self serve checkout lanes.  These changes are no doubt in relation to trying to clean up the store now that Meijer is open directly across the street.  Many residents had complained that the store was not clean, staff were becoming more and more rude and that in general the property was not being taken care of and needed to be cleaned up.

One proposed project that no recent movement has taken place is that of the new Fairfield Inn and Suites on US-23 North.  No new announcements have been made regarding this project.

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