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Rev. Charles Williams and the Detroit Chapter of NAN Take Aim at Kid Rock

DETROIT, MI – Most would agree that removing the Confederate Flag from the state capitol in South Carolina was the absolute right thing to do.  That move had national implications.Charles Williams

General Motors officials met on Thursday, July 16,  2015 with Rev. Charles Williams who is the leader of the activist group National Action Network – Detroit Chapter – demanding the automaker cut financial ties with Kid Rock over the musician’s use of the Confederate battle flag.

Taking Williams seriously concerning this topic is very hard to do.  Especially when at his side stands Sam Riddle.  Riddle plead guilty in August of 2013 of taking bribes when he was a staffer to city council woman Monica Conyers.  Conyers was also convicted.  But Riddle is only secondary to this topic.

GM remains committed to sponsoring Kid Rock which again is the correct thing to do.  Williams should have done his research or have someone do the research for him to determine if what he and his group were ‘protesting’ was actually valid.  GM made it known that Kid Rock has not used the Confederate Flag in his concerts for at least five years.

Williams and Riddle, together and separate, are individuals who will try to stir up controversy where none exists.  Once they find a topic, they call the media in hopes of getting their faces plastered across thousands of screens across the metro area.  The sad piece to this is that the media actually gives space and credence to their message.

Kid Rock has donated his time, money and talents to many individuals and organizations in Detroit and across Michigan.  Kid Rock is known for being a southern rocker.  He has worked hard to get where he is at in life. It is no secret that he is a very generous man.  Targeting him and General Motors is incredibly stupid and down right silly.

Given that, Rev. Williams and Sam Riddle need to put their energies to use where they will actually make a difference.

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