Deputy saves life of heroin overdose victim just 7 days after learning to use Naloxone

YPSILANTI, MI – Just seven days after being trained and equipped with Naloxone, a Deputy from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office was able to identify, administer, and ultimately save the life of someone in the midst of an overdose from heroin.Heroin

On Friday, August 28th, 2015,  at approximately 4:00pm, the Deputy was dispatched to the 2000 block of International Drive in Ypsilanti Township to assist medical responders with a possible heroin overdose. The Deputy was the first to arrive on scene and entered the home to find the 26-year-old resident unconscious on his bathroom floor. The victim was unresponsive but did have as light pulse. The Deputy immediately administered Naloxone and placed the victim in a recovery position as he was trained to do just seven days prior.  After approximately 30 seconds the victim began to open his eyes and began to cough and breathe again. HVA arrived on scene shortly after and continued to treat the victim. He was then transported to St. Joseph hospital for additional medical care.

When asked about the impact of Naloxone Sheriff Clayton had this to offer, “In the past a deputy arriving on the scene of someone in the midst of an overdose had few immediate response options. Now, properly trained and equipped deputies can initiate immediate action and possibly save a life. We are facing challenging times in our community relative to illicit drug use. Equipping our staff with Naloxone is not the solution to that problem, but it is a real answer to one of the terrible outcomes associated with the abuse of drugs.”

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office began training staff in the identification of a heroin overdose and on how to administer Naloxone at the beginning of August. So far we have trained 70 deputies and 26 individuals from human service organizations throughout Washtenaw County.