Greektown Casino-Hotel Guest Wins More Than $2 Million Slot Jackpot

DETROIT, MI – A Greektown Casino guest had much to celebrate as her balmy December Michigan weekend drew to a close Sunday evening. Thanks to a big win at Greektown Casino in Detroit, the Detroit-area resident is going home with a pocket full of cash … more than $2 million. Greektown_logo1

This is the highest progressive jackpot won in Detroit history. The previous highest progressive jackpot of $1.77 million also was won at Greektown in February of 2004 on a nickel Wheel of Fortune® machine.

The guest, who visits Greektown Casino exclusively and wishes to remain anonymous, played an International Game Technology Wheel of Fortune® slot machine, and hit the top award.

“I saw the winning combination come across the line and the machine went dark,” the lucky winner said. “I thought, I just killed the machine. The machine then lit back up and revealed I had won over $2 million and I thought, wow, I really did kill it!”

The guest’s daughters describe her as someone who is always giving. She has done without in her life to take care of others, they said.

What will Greektown’s guest do with the winnings?

“I’d like to treat myself to a new dress,” she said. “Then, we are going to go to Disney World and take a nice trip to Cabo.”

The lucky winner also will be taking a trip back to Greektown Casino, she said. “I’ve always loved Greektown Casino. They treat me like family.”