Registration required of bass tournaments in 2016

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like to remind those planning or organizing a bass fishing tournament in 2016 that all tournaments must be registered with the DNR.bass tournaments

In October 2015 the DNR’s Natural Resources Commission issued Fisheries Order 215.15A requiring all bass fishing tournaments held in 2016 and thereafter to be registered online using the department’s Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System. This requirement is for bass tournaments only and those that occur at both DNR and non-DNR-owned boat launches.

“There was some uncertainty surrounding the number of bass tournaments that occur each year in Michigan, and the Natural Resources Commission wanted to get a better understanding of tournament activity and any potential impacts on the state’s resources and economy,” said Thomas Goniea, a DNR fisheries biologist. “Additionally, the DNR’s Fisheries Division hopes to get valuable catch data back from the tournament directors, in the form of catch reports, which can be used to promote the excellent bass fishing Michigan has to offer.”

In addition to registration, the Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System also offers a public search component to identify when and where tournaments are occurring throughout Michigan.

To register, tournament directors must go to the DNR’s Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System, which can be found online at or Instructions on how to access the system, add tournaments and report tournament catch data also are available online.