Detroit and DPS enter into Consent Agreement over School Repairs

DETROIT, MI – The Detroit Public Schools and City of Detroit have signed a consent that outlines a timeline and deadlines for fixing hundreds of safety and health violations at the district’s school buildings.Detroit public schools

“What we wanted was a commitment from DPS with specific timelines for making each repair and a binding agreement enforceable in court if those timelines are not met,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “We’re very encouraged that DPS has entered into this consent agreement and look forward to their prompt progress in creating safe schools for our children.”

The signed consent agreement, as well as an 18-page spreadsheet detailing the issues that need to be addressed at each school and a timeline for completing them, is available on the city’s website at

The consent agreement covers the first 26 schools that were inspected and still require repairs.  As specific timelines for additional schools are established, they will be added to the city’s website.

In January, the City of Detroit’s Building, Safety, Engineering & Environmental Department (BSEED) began a four-month process to inspect all 97 DPS buildings after a series of complaints by teachers and parents about safety and health issues. So far, building safety inspectors have visited 64 DPS properties. When health concerns are found during BSEED inspections, the Detroit Health Department follows up with an inspection of its own.

Copies of all 64 inspection reports are available on the city’s website, Reports for additional schools will be posted 72 hours after DPS receives a copy of the inspection report.  Thirty days after the initial inspection, BSEED is conducting follow up inspections to check on progress.  Re-inspection reports also will be posted on the city’s website as they become available.

To see the timeline for the first 26 schools covered by the consent agreement, go to and click on “View School Inspection Reports” and then on the link for “View Consent Agreement and School Fix Timeline.”