Detroit Police Complete Operation Restore Order “Rush Hour”

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DETROIT, MI – On Friday, March 11th, 2016, The Detroit Police Department launched Operation Restore Order “Rush Hour” on the city’s east and west side.  Operation “Rush Hour” was a citywide partnership of uniformed and plain clothed officers supported by various units within the department and partnering agencies. Detroit Police

The goal of the operation was to provide a safe environment for all law abiding citizens and to purge the community of individuals who have outstanding warrants, participate in the sale of illegal narcotics, and/or possess illegal firearms.

Operation “Rush Hour” was initiated due to a spike in non-fatal shootings and robberies. Gas stations, as well as, businesses holding liquor licenses were checked and inspected. In addition, warrant sweeps were conducted, arrests were made, and traffic enforcement was heavily imposed.

As a result of Operation “Rush Hour”, a total of 31 arrests were made of which 12 were misdemeanors and 19 were felonies, 8 guns were confiscated (5 hand guns / 3 long guns), 8 search warrants were executed, 478 moving violations were issued, 52 vehicle were impounded, 22 gas stations and 28 party stores were inspected, 40 grams of Cocaine and 18.2 grams of Heroin were confiscated.

The Detroit Police Department is committed to reducing crime within the communities and improving the quality of life among Detroit residents. They will continue their efforts in removing the criminal element from the neighborhoods and reducing the fear of crime as a result of criminals preying on citizens.

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