Clarkston Jr. High School Student Investigated for School Threats

CLARKSTON, MI – Oakland County Deputies were notified by a Clarkston Jr. High School student that another student at the school had made threats against the school on his Instagram page on Monday, March 28th, 2016.  Clarkston Jr. High School

Deputies were informed that a 13 year old male, an 8th grader student at the school, had posted a picture of a handgun and stated “Don’t show up for school tomorrow”. Detectives were notified and responded to the Sheriff’s Independence Township substation to continue the investigation.  Detectives identified the student, looked at the student’s Instagram post and discovered pictures of long guns, knives, and what appeared to be an attempt to make some type of bomb.  School officials were notified of the threat.

The student’s parents were also notified and the student’s father brought him to the substation to be interviewed.  The student stated that what he had posted was just a joke.  The student thought it would be funny to post a photo of the airsoft gun, which was placed on the floor next to his dog.

Per the student’s father, all of the other guns that he owns are locked in a safe or are at another location where his son does not have access to them.  The student stated that the bottle bomb was an experiment that he had learned about in school and that he tried to duplicate it.  The airsoft gun was confiscated by detectives.

School officials stated the student is not to return to school until further notice from the school district.  The student was turned over to his father.

The investigation continues and the case will be reviewed by the Prosecutors Office for appropriate charges.