Update on Craigslist Armed Robbery in Oakland County

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PONTIAC, MI – One of the two suspects in the Craigslist armed robbery in Orion Twp. has been identified as 22-year-old Anthony Lamar Henderson of Detroit. Anthony Lamar Henderson

Henderson has been implicated in perpetrating Craigslist scams where he found items on Craigslist and set up a meeting with the seller in a non-public location.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Detectives learned that Anthony Henderson has used counterfeit $100  and counterfeit $50 bills to pay for the transactions in SE Michigan. He would add actual authentic smaller U.S. currency in the transaction to further the victims confidence in the scam. The items he sought out were mainly electronics and other items to his personal liking.

OCSO Detectives from the Orion Twp. Substation working with Sheriff’s detectives from the Sheriff’s City of Pontiac Substation, connected the driver, Anthony Henderson, to another Craigslist theft in which three counterfeit $100 bills were used to buy an Xbox.

OCSO Detectives working with the Harper Woods Police Department identified a $300 pair Air Jordan sneakers he had in his possession as the shoes taken in the same type of theft in their city. Detectives are also working with Livonia Police Department on a similar case involving an Xbox transaction.

Henderson denies a weapon was involved in the crime in Orion Twp. and an extensive search of the path traveled failed to locate a hand gun.

The pair in the Orion Twp. case are also suspects in similar crimes  in other SE Michigan jurisdictions and all law enforcement agencies are now working together comparing crime reports to determine which jurisdictions can prepare criminal complaints.

The suspects age 22 and 21 years old have various misdemeanor criminal records.

On Friday, April 8th, 2016, Anthony Lamar Henderson, was arraigned on

  • Count # 1 – Uttering and Publishing Counterfeit Bank Bills – 5 year Felony
  • Count #2-  Larceny by False Pretense – 1 year Misdemeanor

He appeared in the 52-3 District Court before Judge Nancy Carniak, who set a $50,000 cash no 10% bond. The second suspect has been released pending further investigation. Further court proceedings are to be set by the court.

Safety Tip: Citizens are urges to use public locations during day light hours with video surveillance systems in the parking lots and/or lobbies. These location would include your local Police Stations, Sheriff’s Offices and the Secretary of State Office during normal business hours. If the other party refuses to meet at this type of location, this should be taken that the transaction is suspicious and should be avoided. 

If it sounds too good to be true avoid the transaction!

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