Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office Partners Up on Tobacco Compliance Checks

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Recently the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office partnered with Up North Prevention (An Initiative of Catholic Human Services) and conducted youth tobacco compliance checks at several area businesses in Grand Traverse County. underage sales

Of the twenty four businesses checked, one in the county and two in the city of Traverse City sold tobacco products to a minor. Clerks who sold to the minors were issued civil infraction citations for violating the youth tobacco act. There was an 87.5% compliance rate which is great and an improvement in the area over last year when the checks were conducted.

Two Important Tobacco Statistics:

Tobacco kills more people in Michigan than AIDS, alcohol, auto accidents, drug overdoses, murders, and suicides combined. The use of cigarettes and other tobacco products is the single, most preventable cause of disease, disability and death, both in Michigan and across the United States.

88% of Michigan adults who are addicted to nicotine began smoking before the age of 18. Addiction rates are much lower if a teen doesn’t begin smoking until after the age of 18.

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