Troy Police Alcohol Awareness Project

TROY, MI – For more than 15 years, the Troy Police Department has partnered with area hotels to promote a safer prom and graduation season. Troy City Police

The Troy Police Department created the “Hotel Alcohol Awareness Project” in order to engage hotel staff in the effort to prevent after-event parties involving underage alcohol use.

As underage drinking represents a serious public safety issue, Troy officers take a strict enforcement approach to underage drinking throughout the year, but especially during prom and graduation season.

Officers are also calling on every hotel in Troy and speaking with them about underage drinking awareness.  As part of the project, hotel staff are also provided with copies of the city ordinances related to possession and consumption of alcohol by minors.

Hotel staff are encouraged to make wise decisions when renting rooms during this season, and to contact police should they believe illegal activity is occurring. Troy city ordinance prescribes that “no person shall furnish or provide any location for another person with reason to know that the location may be used to commit an illegal act.” The penalty for violating this ordinance is a $500 fine and/or up to 90 days in jail.

The Troy Police Department would also like to remind parents and other adults that renting hotel rooms for minors consuming alcohol can result in criminal charges for furnishing a location for an illegal purpose.

In addition to these education and prevention efforts, Troy police officers will also be conducting additional patrols at the hotels during graduation and prom season.  Officers are available to assist hotel employees with any issues they may encounter.

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