Snyder issues statement about President Obama’s visit to Flint

FLINT, MI – Gov. Rick Snyder issued the following statement following President Barack Obama’s visit to Flint today:Flint_Michigan

“The answer to helping the people of Flint as quickly as possible is to break through political barriers and find a way to work together, which is why I was pleased to meet with President Obama today to share an update on what the state is doing and how the federal government might be able help us do even more.

“Working together, we can fix the water crisis in the short term while helping the people of Flint and their city with long-term recovery. I understand the people of Flint are frustrated, angry and tired of dealing with the water crisis. I often get asked how this has affected me and I always say ‘not nearly as much as it has affected the people of Flint.’ We need to keep the focus on restoring the water quality in Flint while helping people with short-term and long-term recovery needs.

“In today’s meetings with the President it was clear that he cares about what happened and is interested in doing what he can to help, too. I believe that today we continued to build strong partnerships based on a mutual understanding that all levels of government working together will solve the problems facing the people of Flint and help move Flint forward.”

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