Genesee County Prosecutor Padlocks Flint’s Uptown Bar and Grill

FLINT, MI – The Uptown Sports Bar and Grill in Flint has been padlocked and shut down after Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton obtained a restraining order from Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah. Uptown Sports Bar and Grill in Flint

According to the nuisance Complaint filed by Prosecutor Leyton, since its opening in April of 2015, the establishment, located at 1174 Robert T. Longway Boulevard, has been a regular scene of unruly and disruptive crowds in the parking lot, violent assaults including a homicide, carjackings, firearm violations, illicit and open drug use, and other activities that threaten the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

“This spot has been a nuisance to the community for a long time and has caused many problems for the Holiday Inn Express next door where a lot of artists and entertainers stay when performing at The Whiting and other local venues,” said Prosecutor Leyton.

According to police reports that provided much of the basis for the Complaint, there were numerous 9-1-1 calls involving The Uptown Sports Bar and Grill since it opened on April 5, 2015 all the way up to a recent incident on April 12, 2016. There were nine calls for an overcrowded parking lot and undispersed crowds after bar hours which required the police to clear the lot. There have been seven calls involving large groups of people fighting in the parking lot; six calls for shots fired; and three reports made to the police by patrons against security staff of the establishment alleging physical abuse. On December 26, 2015, Darico Hall was murdered in the parking lot.

“We will continue to use Michigan’s nuisance abatement statute whenever we can to protect the public from violence and other illegal activity that threatens the health, safety, and welfare of our residents,” said Prosecutor Leyton.

The padlocking Order issued this afternoon takes immediate effect as of Friday, May 13th, 2016.