Detroit Police have Success with River Days and Ford Fireworks

DETROIT, MI – The Detroit Police Department along with its local, state and federal partners joined together with the community to help make the River Days and Fireworks celebration an enjoyable and safe event for all.Detroit River Days

183 volunteers from the community signed up as Volunteer Angels to help serve as additional eyes and ears alerting police of any suspicious activity during the River Days and Fireworks celebration. The Volunteer Angels initiative was originally launched in 2015 in an effort to aid police in ensuring the safety of all who attend the celebration. Many of the volunteers included members from neighborhood churches, Detroit 300, Live In Peace, Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, Police Chaplain Corps, Police Reserves and Citizen Radio Patrol, Downtown Detroit Partnership, and the Detroit Bus Company.

At the conclusion of the River Days and Fireworks celebration:

River Days total stats:

  • 5 arrests (CCW)
  • 5 weapons confiscated

Ford Fireworks total stats:

  • 12 juveniles detained
  • 0 arrests
  • 6 vehicles towed

The River Days and Fireworks Celebration was a huge success. This partnership is yet another great display of how the police and community can work together to ensure a safe environment for all those who live, work and play in the city of Detroit.