Detroit Woman Pleads Guilty after Arrest in “Operation Sweety”

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI – The Detroit woman, who is considered to be the ring leader in a drug operation that spanned from Detroit to northern Michigan, has pleaded guilty.Charese Arnold

Charese Arnold, 34-years-old, of Detroit, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deliver the drugs.

She was originally charged with thirteen counts. Twelve of them were dropped.

A multi-jurisdictional task force raided several homes in metro Detroit as part of a nearly five-year investigation into a drug trafficking ring that stretched all the way up to Traverse City.

On Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, “Operation Sweetie” swung into action.

At a home in Harper Woods agents found one of the key players they were looking for: Charese Arnold, 34-years-old, who is believed to have trafficked about 20,000 grams of heroin and cocaine.  Agents found marijuana, heroin and cocaine inside of the house when they raided it.

Authorities believe she was tied to $4 million in heroin sales in the Traverse City area.

Teams across the metro area targeted three other homes, one of which was believed to be a drop house — where the suspects stashed drugs, weapons and any other evidence.

A total of nine people, five in Grand Traverse County and four in Detroit were arrested in “Operation Sweety”

Along with Charese Arnold, police arrested Erika Travis, 23-years-old, of Oak Park, and Kamon Arnold, 22-years-old, and Avontae Bullock, 24-years-old, both of Detroit, in the Detroit raid.

In Grand Traverse County, Mitchell Anderson, 39-years-old, of East Bay Township, William Cox, 43-years-old, of Traverse City, Ashley Hendershott, 32-years-old, of Garfield Township, and Taylor Swayze, 23-years-old, of East Bay Township. were arrested.

Arnold will be sentenced in August.

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