Redford Twp Police Complete Parking and Abandoned Vehicle Blitz

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI – The Redford Township Police Department has completed a Parking and Abandoned Vehicle Blitz. parking-blitz

They state that this program was very successful in 2 ways. First, the education and reminders about why these vehicles and violations are such a safety issue and a nuisance. Second, they were able to identify, tag, and tow many vehicles to clear the streets.

For parking violations, citations were issued for many infractions including blocking the sidewalk, blocking fire hydrants, parking too close to a stop sign or on a crosswalk, and several others. Officers discovered and ticketed multiple vehicles for having expired registrations, as well as towed many cars for having no license plate or an improper license plate.

While the Blitz may have been completed, officers will continue to address these issues, though it will not be their primary focus. They ask that you please continue to call in abandoned vehicles so that they cabn tag and tow them if necessary to clear the streets for the upcoming winter season.