City of Detroit Update on Snow Storm Response

DETROIT, MI – Multiple City departments continue to respond to the weekend’s snow storm. The information below represents the City’s response as of 12:00 p.m.

Agencies will continue to respond to weather conditions as long as needed.

DPW Snow Removal:

Major Roads

50 trucks continue to salt and plow the City’s 673 miles of major roads as needed.  Due to mild temperatures, salt has been very effective
Crews expect to have all major clear from curb-to-curb by 5:00 PM today

Residential Streets

City’s contractors began plowing the city’s 1,800 miles of residential streets at 6:00 AM and are expected to complete their routes by 10:00 PM tonight

Below is a list of the contractors assigned to each City Council District:

District 1: (Contractor: Brilar)
District 2: (Contractor: Grace Mgt)
District 3: (Contractor: Wells Products)
District 4: (Contractor: Payne Landscaping)
District 5: (Contractor: Fontenot)
District 6: (Contractor: Jordan Landscaping)
District 7: (Contractor: Jordan Landscaping)

·         How to report residential streets in need of plowing

o   Please wait until after 10 PM tonight to report a street that may have been missed. Contractors are required to clear a minimum 10-foot path down the middle of the street so cars can pass

o   The best way to report unplowed residential streets is through the Improve Detroit mobile app, which is available through iTunes and Google Play. This will allow for easier sorting and prioritization of customer service requests

o   If you do not have the ability to report a missed side street through Improve Detroit, residents can call 313-224-4415, after contractors complete their work at 10 PM tonight.


200 of 201 buses were in service today
The one route affected by the storm was the Joy Road line #27
DDOT experienced only three  trips leaving DDOT garages late
DDOT Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the online DDOT map of all buses in service and their real-time location and movement at

Trash Pickup

Trash collection is proceeding on a normal schedule.
DPW anticipates that due to the snow, not all households scheduled for pickup today will be serviced today. Residents who do not receive service today should leave their containers at the curb for collection on Tuesday.


Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Customer Care Centers are open as scheduled from 8 AM – 5 PM today
On Sunday, DWSD responded to and repaired one water main break
Residents may report standing water, water main breaks, fire hydrant leaks, and basement backups using the Improve Detroit mobile app or by calling 313-267-7401


·         All DESC One-Stop Service Centers remain open and fully staffed

·         Hours are as normal: 8:00am to 5:00pm

· jobseekers/locations/one-stop- service-centers/