Detroit Mother Questions if Murders are Connected

DETROIT, MI – A Detroit mother has more questions than answers after her son’s friend was killed on Runyon Street on Friday, February 17th, 2017.

Emmitt Conner, 41-years-old, who was found lying in the grass outside of his home after family members heard gunshots, was killed in almost the same manner as his friend.  Conner was friends with Carlos Grant.  Grant was shot multiple times and killed on December 9th of 2014.

Grant’s mother, Carolyn Cofield, is questioning if the two murders are some how connected.

According to a police report, a call came in around 7:52 p.m. on that Tuesday evening. When the female officer arrived in the 17800 block of Rowe Street, she found Carlos Grant laying on his stomach, not breathing.

The murders are eerily similar.  Both Emmitt Conner and Carlos Grant died from multiple gunshot wounds.  Both died less than a mile from each other.  The two were said to be good friends.

Carlos Grant’s mother, Carolyn Cofield, received a phone call from her niece at 9:59 p.m. telling her that her son had been shot.  All she wanted to know was, would he be alright?  Her niece did not know and said that she would meet her at the scene of the crime.

Ms. Cofield knew that she was unable to drive so her sister picked her up.  When she and her sister arrived at the scene, she knew the news could not be good because yellow tape was blocking the entire area.  There was no ambulance and no one was telling her that her son had already been taken to the hospital.

When she finally had enough strength to ask the female officer if she could see her son, the officer told her that she  would not want to see him like that. Carlos Grant’s mother then asked if he was he gone.  The officer confirmed a mothers worst fears.  She said yes he was indeed gone.

Carolyn Cofield then fell to her knees.  Her family scooped her up and put her back in the car that she had arrived in.  She states that “The entire night during that ordeal was quite “foggy” for me but I remember a young man running up to me to say he was sorry. I thought it was my son but I couldn’t understand how he was able to hug me and be ok, plus he was shorter.”

Ms. Cofield finally met with a Detroit Police Detective.  Detective Przbyla told her that whoever shot and killed her son Carlos Grant was someone who her son knew because after interviewing the neighborhood, everyone said the same thing. “Carlos would never open the security door unless he knew you”.

Before Emmitt Conner was gunned down Friday evening by a suspect named DeQuan Kemp, he attended church with Carolyn.  He and a few others still kept in contact with her after the murder of her son.

Carlos Grant was Carolyn’s only child.  All she wants is answers.  Something that she has waited almost three long years for.  And now that his friend Emmitt Conner was shot and killed, her son’s death is magnified even more.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detroit Police at 313-596-2260. Tips can also be submitted anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.