Two Men Knocked out Cold in large Fight in Downtown Detroit [Video]

DETROIT, MI – Early Easter Sunday morning, at about 2:30 a.m., Detroit Police officers were being called to a fight that was taking place near Greektown Casino at Monroe and St Antoine streets in downtown Detroit.

This was one of a couple of fights that took place on April 16th, 2017 in the downtown area.

Details of this particular fight are few with the exception that you can clearly see that two men were knocked out cold in the brutal attack and it is unknown what started all of this.  It appears that at least ten to twenty teens or young men were involved. One of the victims is hospitalized with serious injuries.

It has been learned that this particular video has been viewed over 190,000 times.  It seems that a person by the name of Jaquala Ligon posted the video to Facebook.  While capturing the video from Facebook, it all of a sudden disappeared from the feed so there was no way to track back at that time of who had placed the video online.  The assumption was being made that Facebook was working to delete this video like that from the fight that took place in Rouge Park last weekend.  The video has been shared out and captured thousands of times on social media.

Deshaun Summers posted the following comment: “One thing I know for sure is if I’m getting attacked like this, I would rather not have anybody making entertainment out of it but at least try and help me. It boggles my mind that this is what people do. A bunch of grown boys. I would be embarrassed if that was one of my kids.”

Summers reaction to the video is tame compared to others who have shown outright disgust at the actions of all of those involved.

As this particular video has gone viral, Detroit Police and the FBI have been tagged or notified about it so an investigation can be done.  Police presence in the Greektown area has been stepped up since this brawl took place.  Police are actively seeking out those who were involved.  They have been reviewing the video along with looking at surveillance camera footage from the area.

Events like this one cannot and should not take place in the core of the city or any other place for that matter.  This video is the third within a week that has come to the attention of MI Headlines on social media about fighting taking place within the city of Detroit.

If you can identify anyone in the video footage, you are asked to call Detroit police.