Flint Man Convicted of Murder in Vehicular Death

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FLINT, MI –  A jury has convicted a Flint man of murder for running over another man with his car.

Renaldo Ramon Presswood, 37-years-old, was charged and convicted of first degree premeditated murder for the August 3rd, 2014 death of 38-year-old Robert Louise Mitchell Mayers.

According to testimony at trial, Presswood and Mayers had just met earlier in the evening and were hanging out together near the intersection of East Pasadena and Industrial avenues. Both men were in their own vehicles when Presswood began ramming his car into Mayers’ car. Mayers got out of his car and was confronting Presswood about it when Presswood put his vehicle into gear and began chasing Mayers down the street and into a parking lot where he ran over Mayers. Presswood then circled around and ran over Mayers again.

When police and emergency responders arrived, Mayers was pronounced dead at the scene.

“This was a terrible tragedy and I am glad that we were able to secure some justice for Mr. Mayers and his surviving family and friends,” said Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

Based on Michigan Department of Corrections records, Renaldo Presswood has a long criminal history.  His crimes date back to 2001.  He has previously been convicted of:

  1. Police Officer – Fleeing – Fourth Degree
  2. Weapons – Firearms – Possession by Felon
  3. Weapons – Firearms – Short Barreled Shotgun/Rifle
  4. Police Officer – Assault/Resist/Obstruct
  5. Larceny – $1,000 or More But Less Than $20,000
  6. Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile – Conspiracy

Presswood will be sentenced on June 5, 2017 at 2:00 PM.

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