Man takes his Last Breath as his Dirt Bike is Stolen after being Shot to Death in Inkster [Video]

[Video credit – Mike Martinez]

INKSTER, MI -The Michigan State Police, Second District, Special Investigative Section (SIS) Detectives were requested in the city of Inkster to investigate a homicide.

The Unit was called to the scene in the area of Carlysle Street and Middlebelt Rd. on Thursday May 11th, 2017.

The shooting took place at approximately 6:55 P.M. In the video you will see the area shortly after the victim was shot and killed.  Emergency personnel along with Michigan State Police and Inkster Police were at the scene as the investigation got underway.

MSP Metro Detroit sent out a Tweet at 9:00 p.m. asking that all individuals avoid the area at that time so that they could continue to investigate the crime scene.

Investigators found that shell casings littered Carlysle Street for almost three blocks.

[Photo of the shooting victim – Meechie Jenkins]

Looking through information on social media it was learned that a 26-year-old African American man, being referred to as Meechie Jenkins, was the victim in the brutal attack that took his life.  His legal name is Demetrius Jerel Jenkins.

Meechie along with another person were on dirt bikes riding in the area of Middlebelt and Carlysle early Thursday evening.  It appears from all accounts that Jenkins was shot and killed so that the other person who he was riding with, and an accomplice, could steal his dirt bike. Photos below this article have been provided by Michigan State Police in hopes that you may recognize one if not both suspects.

When authorities arrived on scene they found 26-year-old Meechie Jenkins had been fatally shot several times. The gunfire started some estimated three blocks from where he was found and pronounced dead. Meechie died at the intersection of Carlysle Street and Middlebelt Road.

Investigators believe that Jenkins was on his dirt bike when he was fatally shot. Meechie and the other dirt bike rider were headed east bound on Carlysle when bullets started flying in the victim’s direction. Jenkins was hit several times from the gunfire. As Meechie tried to flee from the hail of bullets, he only made it to the corner of Middlebelt and Carlysle.  Police came to the conclusion that he was weak from blood loss and either dumped his bike or fell off.

As Meechie Jenkins was taking his last breath of life as he lay in the street, the gunman and his accomplice stole his dirt bike.  Several people in the area at the time of the incident said that they saw one rider go in one direction and the other in the opposite direction – both of them at a high rate of speed.

The official word from MSP in a press release stated that the victim eventually fell off the motorcycle on Carlysle and Middlebelt, got up for a short moment before collapsing to the ground.  The second motorcycle driver stopped and was reportedly checking on the victim. He then fled the scene.

As the investigation got underway, it was obvious from the video that the tragic news had gotten to Meechie Jenkins family.  You could hear the car horn as they were trying to get to the crime scene.  Then in the video you see the heartbreak that gun violence has brought on yet another family.

The shooting was very brazen just for the fact that it was done in broad day light. And then to steal his property as he lay at deaths door from the bullets the gunman fired into the young man’s body. That is nothing less than horrific and cold.

MSP detectives are looking for those two individuals on those dirt bikes. They were last seen on Carlysle Street in Inkster. Authorities are also looking for two vehicles. The drivers of those vehicles may have witnessed the shooting.  Photos of those cars are available to view below the article as well.

If you or someone you know of has information that may help solve this case, you are asked to please call 855-MICH-TIP. You can help solve this investigation.


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