Memorial Disappears for Teen who Died in Car Crash in Mussey Twp

CAPAC, MI – An important hand-made memorial has disappeared from the site where a young man lost his life and many in the area are very upset that it is gone.

Jake Montney was killed in a single vehicle crash on Saturday, December 10th, 2016, at approximately 2:15 a.m, on Koehn Road near Knoll Road, in Mussey Township. Since that tragic early morning accident, Jake’s friends and family, many times over, have visited the very place where he lost his life.   They come to remember him and what he meant in their lives.

Kim Monnette owns a local farm-house directly across the road from the crash site.  She and her family were the first on scene to assist those who were in the vehicle with Jake Montney that cold December morning. Kim stated that people had been coming to visit the memorial on a very regular basis.  She is expecting even more will want to come as the date for his birthday approaches, which will be on June 18th.

It is unknown why the memorial for Jake disappeared but there are many in the area that are very upset that it is gone. For some, they view that small piece of land as sacred.  For Kim Monnette and her family, it is personal. They have guarded the memorial site ever since the day that Jacob passed away.  When she realized that it was gone, she knew that she had to try to do something to get it back.

The small wooden cross with Jake’s name on it was not intruding on anything, It stood quietly out of the way.  It was not  bothering anyone.  It became a symbol of love, friendship and memories for those who knew the young man who lost his life so tragically that winter morning.

St. Clair County workmen have been busy near the site of the accident doing ditch repair.  Kim spoke to them Wednesday morning inquiring if they knew where the cross had gone to.  Like Kim, until recently, they had no idea that it was even missing.  However, the foreman did say that as soon as they are finished, the cross can go back to where it rightfully belongs

No one is angry and pointing fingers in directions that might not be true as to who has the memorial.  However, the many that know that it is gone are very disappointed. So if you know of the person who has the small cross or you have information as to where it can be located, please find a way to bring it back immediately to its rightful place on Koehn Road.

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