Announcement of Public Vigil for Baby Janiyah Saltmarshall

DETROIT, MI – A public vigil has been planned for 8-month-old Baby Janiyah Saltmarshall who passed away on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.

Baby Janiyah will soon be laid to rest in a private family only service. In respecting the requests of the child’s family and knowing that so many want to pay their respects to a baby girl whose life was so short on this earth, the following public vigil has been planned for anyone who wishes to attend:

Candle Light Vigil for Baby Janiyah Saltmarshall

Friday, May 19th, at 8:30 PM

Friendship Baptist Church – directly across the street from Children Hospital.
3900 Beaubien St, Detroit , MI 48201.

Pastor White will be leading the prayer

In lieu of flowers or other items that will not last the test of time, you will be able to donate money in whatever amount you wish to Children’s Hospital Foundation in memory of Janiyah Saltmarshall.  That can be done directly online.

Janiyah Saltmarshall Memorial PDF

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