I-696 at Evergreen is Flooded out from Rain Fall

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DETROIT, MI – The attached photo shows the current situation on I-696 at Evergreen. Both East and West bound traffic is halted due to severe flooding on the freeway.

As of 9:00 pm on Monday August 28th, 2017, the I-696 freeway is flooded out and closed.  It is expected to stay that way for several hours according to MDOT. Traffic is backed up for miles.

MDOT says the flood cleanup on I-696 could last all night long.

Michigan State Police are advising if you do not need to travel out tonight, stay home.

Other roadways and freeways around metro Detroit are experiencing the same situation. MSP Metro Detroit is also telling that there is flooding on South bound M-10 at W Grand Blvd.

I-75 did reopen at about 9:00PM.

MSP warns drivers not to drive through standing water. Do not drive on the shoulders of the roadways or turn around and drive the wrong way. And to always wear your seat belt.

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