Detroit Man to be Charged with Cellmates death in Upper Peninsula Prison

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MUNISING, MI. – A 23-year-old man from Detroit will be formally charged with the July 20th, 2017 murder of his cellmate at an Upper Peninsula prison.

DeShawn Madden, who is an inmate at the Alger Correctional Facility, in Munising, is accused of killing his cellmate, 23-year-old Rodriguez Montez Burks, on Thursday July 20th. Burks was found dead inside of the cell at approximately 2:00PM p.m. that afternoon. DeShawn Madden was placed in isolation immediately after he killed Rodriguez Burks.

The issue between the two was the victim’s sexual orientation for being gay. Prison staff ignored requests from the two to be separated prior to Rodriguez Burks being murdered. They had only been cellmates for two days before Burks was killed by DeShawn Madden.

Madden will be arraigned on a First Degree Murder charge on September 12th.

DeShawn Madden, also known as Tai’shawn, was sentenced on Monday March 23rd, 2015 in Detroit for crimes that he committed during a week-long crime spree. He received a sentence of 16 to 30 years on three felony counts that he was charged with in August of 2014. He was convicted of:

  • Car Jacking – Date of Offense:  08/26/2014
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Murder – Date of Offense:  08/21/2014
  • Armed Robbery – Date of Offense:  08/21/2014

Rodriguez Burks was sentenced in November of 2016 to 2-10 years in prison on the following charges out of Livingston County:

  • Offense: Police Officer – Fleeing – Third Degree – Vehicle Code
  • Offense: Stolen Property – Receiving and Concealing – Motor Vehicle
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