Southfield Man pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Trafficking charge in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Lewayne Deray Jennings, of Southfield, pleaded guilty to a Federal charge of methamphetamine trafficking on Wednesday September 6th, 2017. 

Jenning’s is the second of three Michigan men who were arrested on Federal drug trafficking charges at a New Mexico bus terminal last year to plead guilty in federal court concerning the case.

Lewayne DeRay Jennings, 28-years-old, of Southfield,  Marcus Bernard Harris Jr., 22-years-old, of Detroit, and Jerrell Leveine Whitman-Crutcher, 31-years-old, of Warren, were arrested in December of 2016, while on-board a Greyhound bus, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Authorities seized more than 21 pounds of meth after the arrests were made.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents submitted an affidavit in court that said the three were traveling together from Phoenix to Detroit.

Marcus Bernard Harris Jr., pleaded guilty to a similar charge in the same Federal court in June.

Seven defendants faced federal methamphetamine trafficking charges in four cases involving seizures of more than 52 pounds of methamphetamine. Three of the cases are the result of interdiction investigations at the Greyhound Bus Station and Amtrak Train Station in Albuquerque, N.M. The fourth case arose out of a traffic stop on Interstate 40 in Bernalillo County, N.M.

Four men were arrested on Dececember 28th, 2016, and charged with methamphetamine trafficking offenses after the DEA and New Mexico State Police (NMSP) seized a total of 10.75 kilograms (23.7 pounds) of methamphetamine during two interception investigations at the Greyhound Bus Station.

The methamphetamine was allegedly concealed in various bundles inside luggage and a locked safe. Alvan Raylon Tillman, 26-years-old, of Phoenix, was charged with possession of more than two pounds of methamphetamine in one case, while Lewayne Deray Jennings, 28-years-old, of Southfield, Jerell Leveine Whitman-Crutcher II, 29, of Warren, and Marcus Bernard Harris, Jr., 21, of Detroit, were jointly charged with possession of more than 21 pounds of methamphetamine in a separate case.

Also on December 28th, 2016, Mario Sanchez-Ceja, 27-years-old, was arrested and charged with possessing approximately 8.28 kilograms (18.25 pounds) of methamphetamine in Bernalillo County. According to the criminal complaint, Sanchez-Ceja was arrested after law enforcement agents allegedly seized the methamphetamine from Sanchez-Ceja’s vehicle following a routine traffic stop on Interstate 40.

On December 30th, 2016, April Luna-Contreras, 21-years-old, and Esthela Contreras-Luna, 44-years-old, both of San Diego, Calif., were arrested on methamphetamine trafficking charges after the DEA and NMSP seized approximately 4.75 kilograms (10.47 pounds) of methamphetamine from them during an interception investigation at the Amtrak Train Station in Albuquerque. The methamphetamine was allegedly contained in bundles concealed under Luna-Contreras and Contreras-Luna’s clothes.

At the time each of the seven were originally charged, if convicted on those charges without a plea deal, the seven defendants would have faced a statutory mandatory minimum of ten years to a maximum of life imprisonment.

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