21 yr old Dead following Horrific Crash near 7 mile and Sorrento in Detroit [Updated]

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DETROIT, MI – A vehicle that was racing down a Detroit street ended up wrapped around a tree near the intersection of W 7 Mile and Sorrento on Detroit’s west side. The vehicle was reported to be traveling between 75 – 90 MPH down the residential street before the crash.

The crash occurred at approximately 12:30PM on Tuesday September 12th, 2017.

It has been confirmed that one person, 21-year-old Aaron ‘Bezzy’ Harris, a Detroit man, was killed instantly in a burgundy 1998 Chevrolet Malibu at the time of the crash.

A man who was driving a burgundy Chevy Malibu, along with his passengers in the car, were traveling at a high rate of speed on Sorrento Street near W 7 Mile Rd. Some of those who witnessed the accident said the driver could have been traveling north on Sorrento at 75-90 MPH.

A woman in a grey 2010 Dodge Journey, who was driving south on Sorrento, tried to pull to the side of the street to give way to a speeding burgundy Malibu that was approaching from the opposite direction. The driver of the Mailbu clipped the Dodge Journey where he then lost control of the Malibu. The Chevy then slammed against a tree.

Sorrento is a residential street where just recently neighbors posted 25 MPH signs in hopes that would get motorists to slow down.

Initial reports from the scene had the burgundy Malibu drag racing a black Dodge Charger. The investigation revealed those reports to not be correct.  Detroit Police stated that they do not have any evidence that racing was involved. Niecy E Thagemini went Live on Facebook shortly after the accident happened.

One person was trapped in the vehicle and the Jaws of Life had to be used to get him out of the car. Witnesses to the crash said that a Dodge Charger fled the scene following the crash. There were a total of 3 victims in the Chevy at the time of the crash.  All three were in their early 20’s. Two victims from the accident are reported to be in critical condition.

Another item of confusion at the accident scene were reports of 2 children being involved. It was reported that they were in the Charger while it was being raced down Sorrento.  That was found to be untrue.

A person in the Chevy Malibu was killed instantly. An individual, who has identified themselves as a sister to the victim, has stated that he was a passenger in the car and not the driver. Another relative of the deceased victim has identified him on social media as Aaron ‘Bezzy’ Harris of Detroit. 

At the time of the crash, Aaron Harris who was killed, was ejected, fell out from the bottom of the car. The bottom of the car gave out when it hit the tree.

Following the accident, another sad chapter emerged while police and EMS worked to help all of the victims. As word spread throughout the community, the sister to the deceased victim from the Mailbu had learned of the crash.  She could be seen running down Sorrento.  She was able to get past authorities were she lifted the sheet on deceased victim to confirm for herself that it was in fact one of her brothers who was killed. She understandably was distraught and had to be placed in the back of a squad car.

After the victims were transported to the hosptial, a large crowd gathered at Sinai-Grace Hospital when word spread about the accident. Detroit Police had to be called in for crowd control. The crowd remained peaceful and nothing further took place as the group waited for word on the victims.

Detroit Police Department’s Fatal Squad is investigating the incident.

If you would like to discuss this tragic crash with others, please go to the Facebook group: H.O.M.I.C.I.D.E

A Go Fund Me account has been established to help with funeral costs for Aaron.  If you would like to contribute to the fund, please Click Here.

We are sharing WXYZ’s report from the scene of the crash. Reporter Kimberly Craig with Channel 7 Action News confirms much of what MI Headlines learned about the crash throughout the day.


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