Press Conference to be held concerning Detroit’s new Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

DETROIT, MI – Could a new ordinance that was recently given final passage by the Detroit City Council harm the growth or resurgence of the city?

City Council Woman Mary Sheffield and her backers of this effort are planning a press conference to speak about the new law that has been passed and adopted in Detroit that places defined burdens on developers of new housing.

City Council Member Mary Sheffield and affordable housing advocates will gather for a press conference on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 9:00 A.M. in front of the “Spirit of Detroit” Statue located at 2 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48226 in a show of support for her inclusionary housing ordinance and its final passage by the Detroit City Council during their Formal Session.

Council Member Sheffield will also announce her new Notification Ordinance which protects seniors and low income residents from being unexpectedly displaced as well as her resolution urging the administration to require developers receiving tax abatements to set aside 20% of their units for lower income residents.

“As a result of the resurgence in Detroit, the City is at a critical crossroads in its history. How we address the housing inequities that will inevitably arise will ultimately determine if the growth is sustainable and if all Detroiters are included in the revitalization of Detroit,” proclaimed Council Member Mary Sheffield.

The ordinance, which will be ground breaking by all accounts as compared to similar policies across the Nation, requires developers receiving certain government subsidies and discounted land to make 20% of their units (10% of units at 80% of AMI, 5% of units at 60% of AMI and 5% of units available at 50% of AMI) affordable. The measure also creates the City’s first ever Housing Trust Fund which will be used to address housing needs for those with incomes at levels at or below 30% of AMI as well as to address the shortfalls in home repair grant funding for seniors. Housing advocates across the Nation fully expect this ordinance to set an important precedent for future Inclusionary Housing policies in other municipalities.

“Instead of being a spectator and leaving inclusion to chance, I’ve decided to address the growing need for inclusion and affordability in our city.  As an elected official, it is important to ensure the City stands by those who stood by it through the thick and thin – the good and bad times,” stated Councilwoman Sheffield.

Councilwoman Sheffield and volunteers have worked on an inclusionary housing ordinance for the past 3 years. She is excited to finally have the opportunity to protect the interests of all Detroiters and increase access to quality affordable housing for all Detroiters – irrespective of income or socio-economic status. A vote in the affirmative means Detroit will be more capable of avoiding the pitfalls of gentrification so many other cities experienced during similar periods of revitalization and growth.

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