Detroit Rap Artist Shot and Killed on West side of the City

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DETROIT, MI – A Detroit Rap artist was shot and killed today near the intersection of Stoepel Street and Westfield Avenue on Detroit’s west side. That is near I-96 and Livernois Ave.

A man who goes by the stage name of Doughboy Roc, actual name Rodney Yeargin, 29-years-old, was shot and killed in his car Monday afternoon on October 9th, 2017, at approximately 3:00PM.  Officers found he had been shot in the right ear and shoulder while he was sitting in a white Hyundai SUV.

Doughboy Roc was part of the Detroit-based rap group Doughboyz Cashout.

By 3:18PM a huge crowd had gathered near the intersection of Stopel and Westfield. A photo was posted to Twitter showing the amount of people in the area. His murder is currently trending on Twitter. You can search by using the information of RIP ROC.

One person who appears to know the victim personally, posted the following message on Facebook:

Now that I’ve gotten confirmation that they killed my dawg my homie DOUGHBOY ROC It’s so heartbreaking very respect humble person I just hosted his album release party at aos EVERRRRRYBODY was there that shows the love and respect most people had for him smh

video was posted to Facebook showing people gathering at the Big Daddy Liquor store at 9191 Livernois as word spread about the murder.

No information about a shooter or motive has been released as of yet by police.

This is the second shooting in just under six months where local rap artists have been gunned down.  On Sunday July 30th, 2017, Two people were shot and killed in a newer model white Chrysler 200 while traveling on east bound I-94.

One of the individuals who was shot and killed went by the screen name of 47entertainment_ on social media. His actual name was Ramell Campbell, 27-years-old, of Detroit, also known as Mell. He was a person who was very involved in the Detroit Rap music scene shown by various videos that he had posted on the internet. On Instagram it shows that he had almost 47 thousand followers.

The second person in the car that lost their life to the senseless shooting was Domonique Brown, 27-years-old, known as Domo Brown, also of Detroit. She too was involved in the Rap music scene with Mell. She was the mother of two children.


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