Pair from Detroit busted in Alabama with 177 stolen identities

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BIRMINGHAM, AL – On August 1st, 2017, the Vestavia Hills Police Department made the announcement of the arrest of Damon Sean Haneline and Duvuan James Holliday-Seegars, both of Detroit, for identity theft.

On July 28th, 2017, the Jefferson County Regional Financial Crimes Task Force undertook an investigation in conjunction with Regions Bank’s Card Monitoring Group to track down and arrest two individuals who flew from out of state targeting the Birmingham metro area to engage in card fraud.

Damon Sean Haneline and Duvuan James Holliday-Seegars both of Detroit, Michigan, were in possession of 177 stolen identities from over 25 banking institutions. Many of the victims were local to the Jefferson County area, highlighting the level of sophistication in the duos planning. The two were responsible for thousands of dollars in fraud loss before ultimately being stopped by members of the Jefferson County Regional Financial Crimes Task Force with the assistance of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.

Despite the small fraction of victims Regions Bank experienced in this case and numerous banking institutions more greatly affected, Regions Bank’s dedication to the fight against card fraud made it possible for the Jefferson County Regional Financial Crimes Task Force to ultimately make an arrest in this case.

According to District Attorney Brandon Falls, “This case emphasizes the need for a RICO statute in Alabama. We will continue to be a target for credit card fraud rings until we have the ability to go after the leaders responsible for this type of organized crime.”

Damon Sean Haneline, 21-years-old, and Duvuan James Holliday-Seegars, 22-years-old, were both charged with Trafficking in Stolen Identities and were held in the Jefferson County Jail with no bond.

In an article on about the case, they state that “Walmart security became suspicious when they observed Damon Haneline and Duvuan Holiday-Seegars repeatedly coming back into the store, using different registers to check out. Upon investigation, authorities found evidence of up to 117 different stolen identities in their rental car. “

They both have since plead guilty. The prosecutors in the case wanted at least 18 months in jail for their crimes. The judge gave them 6 months in jail.  If they violate their parole, the judge assured them he would hand down much stiffer penalties.


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