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Disturbing Post to Snapchat by Traverse City 13 yr old investigated by Police

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – A disturbing post to Snapchat sent authorities to investigate a 13-year-old boy at East Middle School.

At approximately 6:30AM on Tuesday October 10th, 2017, the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office received a tip regarding a disturbing post that was seen on a social media platform. The person contacting the Sheriff’s Office knew the 13 year old that posted the information and believed that he went to East Middle School.

Due to the timing of the receipt of the information as it related to the opening of school, the Sheriff’s Office sent patrol cars to East Middle School to ensure the safety of the students and staff while we tracked down the source of the information.

As the investigation progressed, the Sheriff’s Office was able to make contact with the subject that posted the information. At this point the investigation has shown that two 13 year-old boys were having a conversation via social media. At some point in the early morning hours one of the boys sent a screen shot of the conversation to several people via Snapchat. One of the recipients of the Snap shared the content with a parent and the information was relayed to the Sheriff’s Office subsequent to the parent seeing the Snap.

The conversation between the two boys was laden with vulgar and disturbing language and the reporting party had good reason to be concerned enough to share the information with law enforcement.

Neither of the boys were found to have access to weapons nor did they express any intent to hurt anyone. The boys stated it was simply a conversation.

The investigation is still ongoing at this time. Parents of both boys have cooperated fully with the investigation. Authorities do not believe there is a threat to anyone at this time. They are continuing to work with TCAPS and the parents to complete the investigation.

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