Ann Arbor Police warning of Dating App Scam

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Ann Arbor Police Department is investigating several extortion cases involving the use of social dating applications.

In the latest effort, hackers have accessed the personal accounts of individuals using various on-line dating applications. The hacker contacts the victim and claims to be in possession of sexuality explicit photos of an underage female that were found on the victims social media accounts. The hacker then identifies himself as an Ann Arbor Police detective and demands payment in the form of a green dot card or other similar financial transaction. If payment is not received criminal prosecution will occur. The hacker has been using the identify of current staff at the AAPD.

These solicitations are completely false. If you receive a phone call from someone who claims to be a police officer from the Ann Arbor Police Department or any other police department, take additional steps to verify this information. Investigations involving the possession of sexually explicit photographs are not conducted in this manner. These solicitations are occurring in the south east region of Michigan.

If you have any questions please contact D/Lieutenant Matthew Lige at 734-794-6930 ext. 49301.

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