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Inkster Police Officer goes Above and Beyond to assist a Mother and her Son

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INKSTER, MI – Inkster Police Officer Tony Squirewell is being recognized for going Above and Beyond the call of duty after he had a recent encounter with a mother and her son who were just trying to make it to work on time.

Officer Squirewell was on duty patrolling the city when he encountered a woman and her son stranded on the side of Michigan Ave. They were running out of time to get to work without being late. Officer Squirewell went above and beyond for this mother and son in need. He called for a tow truck and paid the tow fee out of his own pocket so that they could get to work on time.

A care package was dropped off at the Inkster Police Department for Officer Squirewell on October 4th, 2017 thanking him for his kindness.  The Community Relations Officer asked around wanting to know what the story was behind such a nice gift. None of the other officers had an answer. Officer Andrea Lebo then sent a message to Officer Squirewell telling him about the care package and asked what led to its delivery. His response was “I helped a woman and her son who were having car problems on Michigan Ave. No big deal.”

Officer Lebo stated “As the Community Relations Officer the majority of my time is spent interacting with the community and helping to further the positive relationship between the IPD and Inkster citizens.  I personally want to thank Tony Squirewell for helping me with that goal, one small act of kindness can go a long way and his actions are appreciated more than he can know.”

The Community Relations Officer went on to say “Inkster residents often see us when we have to enforce the law and sometimes don’t think about the fact that we are people under the uniform. We have families, friends, are kind and good people who have a job to do. I love when we can take a moment to shine a light on that fact. So many acts of kindness by Inkster Police Officers go unrecognized and unheard of. I’m grateful that this time a citizen took the time to show their gratitude and bring it to everyone’s attention.”

Officer Tony Squirewell, we thank you for your dedication, generosity and most of all your service, not only to those residents of Inkster, but to those of us who need more like you in this world. You are a true hero and it is a big deal.

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