Ingham County Sheriff’s Office partners with Dansville Schools concerning Opiate Epidemic

LANSING, MI – The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office announces a partnership with Dansville Schools as we continue a creative initiative to help combat the opiate epidemic plaguing our community, our state, and our nation.

For years, the heroin epidemic has been plaguing our county. Recently we have done a good job of educating our community on the dangers of opiates due to the high likelihood of addiction with these painkillers, which often leads to heroin addiction and deaths. The numbers from the health department are staggering:

77 Overdose deaths in 2016,

15 Overdose deaths in 2007,

34 confirmed so far this year!

328 Emergency Room visits for Overdoes thru September 2017,

283 ER visits through this same timeframe last year!

138 NARCAN incidents through September 2016,

243 so far this year!

Many of these heroin addicts started experimenting with pills left in their home medicine cabinets, or become hooked after simple oral surgery. Here locally we have had some success with our pill take back programs, typically located within lobbies of local police departments. We ask people to come into our agencies with their left over/expired pills to dispose of them properly.

This year we decided as law enforcement come to you. This summer, in a partnership with the Lansing Police Department, Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth announced the Ingham County Mobile pill receptacle. As law enforcement, we will come to large community events and ask that our community does their part to get these pills out of our homes and disposed of properly.

We are proud to expand this partnership with the Dansville School District to have the pill receptacle available at teacher conferences!

See us at the schools on November 8th and 9th 2017 from 4pm to 7pm. There will be a uniformed law enforcement officer with a patrol car, a large banner, and the pill receptacle at the school. We will take pills from you prior to your conference and dispose of them properly.

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