Large Boom Shakes Homes and Businesses Downriver [Updated]

ECORSE, MI – MI Headlines spoke directly with a representative with US Steel at approximately 10:15 PM. The report earlier that the explosion occurred at their plant and was caused by iron or slag dropped into water was incorrect. No incident occurred at their facility. 

An explanation is still being sought of what caused homes and businesses to shake after a large boom was heard at approximately 4:30 PM on Saturday November 18th, 2017.

Many of the communities downriver either heard or felt what is believed to be some type of explosion.

The Wyandotte Police Department confirmed that the loud boom “heard ‘round the world” did not originate in the city of Wyandotte. It was not at BASF.

There were also reports that a house had blown up but those reports were also found to be false.

The News Herald reports that “There’s confusion as to where the noise came from,”  “No one has pinpointed it.”

“Last month a similar mysterious explosion was heard in Riverview, waking up many residents at around 1:30 a.m. That explosion also was heard in Trenton, but the source was never determined.”