Warning Circulating on Social Media about a Woman being Followed on Detroit’s West side

DETROIT, MI – A warning is being circulated on social media about a young woman being followed by 3 black males armed with guns, while driving in her vehicle in Detroit, in the Southfield and McNichols area.

It appears from the entry that Detroit Police were notified of the incident. In situations like this, DPD normally steps up patrol units in the area in hopes of tracking down those who are trying to commit these crimes.

The post reads as follows:

??PSA: Detroit Southfield & McNichols Area??
3 black males in black/dark blue hoodies are riding around in a dark blue Crown Victoria with no tags, followed a young woman driving alone, and attempted to stop her at a light, after following her for over a mile, coming up to her vehicle and knocking on the window with a gun.
The young woman blew the stop light and contacted police. She is safe.
Please keep an eye out for that vehicle and inform friends and family living in the area.
Please share and be safe.

If you experience this and if able to, please get to a safe and secure location and notify authorities immediately by calling 911.