3 Arrested on Cocaine Charges in parking lot of CJ Mahoney’s in Troy

TROY, MI – While patrolling the parking lot at CJ Mahoney’s located at 2511 Livernois Avenue, on November 11th, 2017, Troy Police Officers noticed a white 2004 Pontiac Vibe parked with the engine running.

The vehicle was occupied by three subjects who were hunched-over toward the center console. Upon seeing the officers, the occupants began to quickly move about the vehicle and attempted to quickly exit it. The officers approached the vehicle and noticed a plastic bag in the driver’s seat rear pocket that appeared to contain cocaine.

As one of the officers attempted to reach for it, the backseat passenger, a 23-year-old man from West Bloomfield, attempted to block the pocket with his knee, preventing the officer from retrieving it. The subject was removed from the vehicle and placed into handcuffs.

The plastic bag was retrieved which contained a white substance believed to be cocaine. The suspected cocaine was field tested with a narcotics test kit with the officers receiving a positive reaction for the presence of Cocaine.

The 23-year-old male passenger was searched and found in his possession was a rolled-up one dollar bill that appeared to contain cocaine residue. The officers requested the remaining occupants to step out of the vehicle to which they complied.

The remaining occupants were a 38-year-old man from Roseville and a 39-year-old woman from Royal Oak.

The vehicle was searched and officers located a black manila folder under the driver’s floor mat that contained possible cocaine residue. The suspected cocaine residue on the folder and on the dollar bill were field tested with narcotics test kits with the officers receiving positive reactions for the presence of Cocaine.

All three occupants were arrested and charged with Possession of Cocaine and Cocaine Use.