Macomb County Deputy Recovering after being Attacked during Investigation

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MT. CLEMENS, MI – A Macomb County Deputy is recovering after being attacked while investigating a suspicious vehicle in Mt. Clemens.

On Wednesday December 6th, 2017, at approximately 7:40pm, a Macomb County Sheriff’s Deputy was investigating a suspicious vehicle in the area North Walnut and Jones Street in the city of Mt. Clemens.

The deputy witnessed an item being discarded from the 2007 Chevy black Cobalt and believed it may be narcotic related.

A strong odor of marijuana came from the vehicle after it was stopped.

Jonathan Hadley, 22-years-old, immediately exited and began walking away from the vehicle. The deputy ordered Hadley to stop several times but Hadley ignored his order. The deputy attempted to physically stop Hadley who began to run from the deputy towards a house.

The deputy was able to apprehend Hadley near the residence and was attempting to place him in handcuffs while Hadley was actively resisting the deputy.

The driver of the vehicle, Yahaira Elisea-Moreno, 19-years-old, ran up to the pair and began attacking the deputy. The deputy while attempting to control both subjects requested additional deputies for backup.

At that time, a third person, Jordan Herrod, 20-years-old, exited the house and began to run towards the deputy. Herrod struck the deputy pushing him into some shrubbery. Herrod got on top of the deputy and began hitting him several times as the officer was pinned by him in the shrubbery.

A second deputy arrived and began to assist the first deputy with the three individuals. Several more people came out of the house and began yelling obscenities at the deputies.

Herrod continued to actively resist the deputy by striking him several more times. The deputy deployed his taser on Herrod and eventually gained control of him.

Additional deputies arrived on scene to assist.

Hadley, Elisea-Moreno, and Herrod were taken into custody and placed into patrol vehicles.

A fourth individual, Diamond Smith, 22-years-old, attempted to remove items from the vehicle that had been stopped. She was ordered to place the items on the ground and step away from the vehicle but she refused to do so. She was also taken into custody.

Multiple individuals from the residence and surrounding houses began approaching the scene yelling obscenities and threats towards law enforcement.

All four individuals were transported to Macomb County Jail.

Herrod and Elisea-Moreno are each charged with a 4 year felony of Police Officer – Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing Causing Injury.

Hadley and Smith were each charged with a 2 year felony of Police Officer – Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing.

All four individuals, who reside in Mt. Clemens, were arraigned in the 41-B District Court of Clinton Township earlier today (12/7/17). Herrod and Moreno both received $10,000.00 cash bonds. Hadley received a $5,000.00 cash bond and Smith received a $2,000.00 personal bond. All are due back in the 41-B District Court on 12/20/17 at 8:30am for probable cause hearings.

The Deputy was treated and has been released.