Michigan National Action Network schedules meeting concerning Rep. John Conyers vacated seat

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DETROIT, MI – Gov. Rick Snyder has scheduled a special election to fill the congressional seat left open by Rep. John Conyers’ resignation after he was accused of sexual harassment. Now Sam Riddle and the Michigan National Action Network (NAN) are calling the delay of the special election as “shameless racism”.

In a press release, Riddle and NAN stated the following:

The Michigan National Action Network (NAN) is slamming as “shameless racism” Michigan Governor Snyder’s decision that will delay for ten months a special election to fill the 13th Congressional District seat vacated by the retirement of Congressman John Conyers.

Sam Riddle, Political Director of Michigan NAN, says that Governor Snyder may have to be taken to Federal Court to preserve the voting rights of 13th Congressional District citizens.

“During our NAN meeting tomorrow (Saturday), I will recommend to our membership that we meet with counsel to explore legal options to stop this exercise of shameless racism by a governor that is again using dollars as an excuse to inflict irreparable harm upon a class of Americans with a history of suffering the vilest forms of discrimination and racist actions by their government since enslavement. Saving of dollars was also the basis for the racist decision that resulted in water poisoning of 100,000 humans that were even lied to by this governor’s administration about the quality of their Flint water,” said Riddle.

“Democracy, the meaningful right to vote and the right to congressional representation are priceless commodities of being an American that cannot be undone by a racist bean counter like Snyder,” said Riddle.

“As an Honorable Discharged Vietnam-Era Veteran, I am honor bound to fight on behalf of those that already must deal with living in Detroit, America’s most segregated city, that is also the nation’s poorest and Blackest city. Every day without representation drives us further into the hellhole of inequality,” said Riddle.

“We also must ask where are the great white liberals now when our voting rights are being abridged by these storm troopers of Trump?” said Riddle.

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